Packs & Budget

Have you ever clicked on the marketplace, looked at all the packs and not really knowing which one to buy? Have you ever seen an event pack and wondered if it’s actually good or not? And maybe the event pack is good, but does it suit your needs?
In this post I will try to explain what packs to focus on and why.

At the bottom of this post, I will have some pack screenshots showing good vs bad packs, taking the time to explain why.

(Note: currency will change dependent on your location)

Let’s start with dividing you into 3 groups:

  • We have free to play (or close to) players
  • We have budget players
  • We also have a few players that don’t really seem to worry to much about a budget.

Free to play (f2p)

Now, if you’re a F2P player this might not be the post for you, but let’s say you spend 50$ a month by buying two $20 packs and one $10 pack.

The first thing I would say is that you would be much better off buying one 50$ pack a month, or save up over two months and get one 100$ event pack. It will help you much more than all those small packs as the value goes down a lot, although it sucks to wait, I know…


The budget player is who this post is mostly for, although it can assist others as well.

First of all, what is your focus? Do you want to grow your keep, do you want to train troops or enhance your research? Maybe you want a big dragon?

My first advise would be to stick to your focus. If you’re a k26 and have the troops you need, buy the good dragon packs and build a good dragon. Use the gold and rss from those packs for troop training or research… or save it for healing and the other things you need (shields, teleport’s, instant returns, or even boosts).

If you want to grow keep levels, buy the good advanced material packs (1400-1800 keystones).

What I mean is… choose your focus. It’s going to get you where you want to go a lot faster.

Now that your focus is in place, let’s head over to the event packs.
Are event packs actually good? In short; yes. Why? Because they usually contain a lot of gold, rss and some of the other more advanced stuff you might need like dragon food, keystones, slate, marble, maybe even crafting or event crafting materials. The bad part about them is they only contain a little bit of everything. Again this is where your focus comes into play…

Myself, I’m racing for a level 41 dragon because I have the troops I need and I’m not looking to upgrade my keep anytime soon. Would a big event pack benefit my goal of a big dragon? No.
My point is that the packs you buy should always benefit the goal you have. If you can afford to buy both, or multiple ones you should do it… you can never get enough gold and rss.

Pack vs pack

<bad pack – good pack>

Dragon pack example:

To the left you see a bad dragon pack…. It’s got more food, but the quality is only epic. Legendary food will get your dragon to level up faster. The pack on the right also has more gold and dragon lore, which you will need alot of when leveling up your dragon.

Holiday Pack Example:

Two event packs that might look really good at first. I’ve placed the bad pack to the left as always.
The reason as to why it’s a “bad” pack is the dragon gear you get. The only reason to buy this pack would be if you use the gear as a template to craft other gear. Is the dragon gear good? Yes, but remember you only have 1 dragon, but 4 marches.
One use, you could put dragon gear in the armory.
The pack on the right has more keystones and 25k more gold. That 25k extra gold can be used to buy those 8 teleport’s in the bad pack.

Advanced Building (Sale vs. Event):

Here is how WB scam us… I don’t think I need to explain why the pack on the right is better. You also get more resources in the pack on the right, on top of the extra gold.

Thanks for reading guys!
If you have any questions, feel free to post below or get in contact with your resident maesters. Also, feel free to screenshot a pack and send it to my dm’s on discord if you’re wondering if the pack is any good. If I’m not asleep I usually answer withing 15 minutes.

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