As we know, this game is full of bugs and glitches… We should all know how to send tickets and although there is no perfect draft on how it’s done best, I’ll show you how I send mine and what I write in my complaints.

First of all, I ALWAYS take screenshots of glitches.
This way you have some proof to show WB what happened. I’ve sent many tickets through my time playing the game and it’s a lot harder getting compensated gold if you don’t have proof to show them.

  • To send a ticket, click on the little building below your keep, select “submit ticket”, enter your personal email, select technical when choosing type of feedback, enter something simple like “SoP glitch”, then click submit. Once the ticket is sent you’ll get an email from WB. Then answer the email with all details about the glitch and add your screenshots as attachments.

Many people thinks that it helps sounding mean or harsh in their tickets but that’s not always the case… I know people that have gotten blocked from sending tickets just for using bad language. I would advise you to criticize them, but keep it classy/professional.
If there was a glitch and you have screenshots, chances are you’ll get compensated anyway. If the compensation does not meet your expectations you can always reply again.

The text down below are from two of my latest tickets, they both included screenshots in the emails.

Ticket 1 – To WB:

Hey WB.
Today all my marches are glitching. Sometimes they don’t return from creature hunting, and sometimes they don’t even appear! I’m a 80 million power keep 27 with 4 marches… I have provided screenshots below.
Sometimes the game says I have only 3 marches, sometimes 2, and other times just 1. This is super frustrating as I’ve spent a lot of gold on stamina, and there’s both a creature event, and it’s soldiers pine day. With this glitch I’m not able to hunt and farm the things I need, and spending gold on stamina I can’t use as I have no marches… After restarting the game I can use my marches again, but they freeze once I send them out. It’s obvious that I can’t keep doing this, and considering I’m a paying player spending thousands and thousands of dollars on this game this shouldn’t even be an issue. I have great internet connection, and I’ve cleared all other apps running on my phone, turned it on and off, cleared the cache by using airplane mode, but nothing I do seem to help, so it’s obviously the game…

Response from WB:

Greetings Liege,
Thank you for contacting WB Games Support with the screenshot.
For the inconvenience, I have added 100,000 Gold from the Iron Bank to your profile to help you with your game progress. Meanwhile, I have forwarded your report regarding Marches pending to the game team for further investigation. While the game team investigates and reviews all reports they are unable to respond to them individually.

Ticket 2 – To WB

Hey WB.
During the wall opening and all the events around it there has been a lot of glitches costing both me and my teammates a lot of gold and resources. Below I have added some screenshots of the glitches, and some info of what they show.
There’s screenshots of me being able to click on my teammates keep, but I was still unable to click the enemy keep to scout it. This happened multiple times with multiple enemy keeps during the event.
We were also switching holder of the nights watch, and as you can see in the allegiance chat my teammate has informed out teammates, and then abdicated the seat of power. You can see the reinforcement marches leaving the seat as he has abdicated it, but the attack menu did not let me attack and take over the seat, instead it say reinforce as the game thinks it’s still ours. As the attack menu showed up there was only a few seconds left on the allegiance bubble.
Then over to the last glitch which has been the most expensive one. This also happened at the nights watch. The enemy rally marches never showed up so we couldn’t see them and time our reinforcements. As the game didn’t provide me with battle reports it took me a few extra seconds to realize what was going on. As the holder of the sop I also had the biggest march. I lost over 300.000 tier 9 cavalry, and spent over 100.000 gold on speed healing as they continued to kill my troops because my med tents were full and I didn’t get notified fast enough to react. As you can see from the screenshots we only see one march coming towards the SoP, and the next second it’s being held by the enemy even before any marches reaches the SoP… I spent all my gold and resources because of this glitch, and I’m only complaining about the losses I had at the nights watch… The rest of PvP was a shit show as well (excuse my language), and I lost a lot more because of the other glitches happening – not being able to cancel rally’s, even with 1 minute left – not being able to recall marches – not seeing enemy marches – not getting scout or incoming attack notifications – etc…
I would love to see a compensation for this as I spend a lot of money on the game… I know you’re able to see my purchase history.
Thanks for making such a fun game, but please fix these issues!
Best regards

Response from WB:

Greetings Liege,
Thank you for contacting WB Games Support.
While Customer Support may be unable to assist similarly in the future and I am unable to restore any troops lost in battle, I have gone ahead and asked my contact at the Iron Bank to move a gift of 125,000 Gold to the Treasury of “BabyHulkSmash” to help aid you in your future strategy!

  • Sadly I’ve deleted the screenshots from the last ticket, but reading my ticket should give you some insight as to what the screenshots looked like… Sorry about this.

Thanks for reading guys, next post will be based around gear and the armory!

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