The Armory

Welcome to another post on my blog! This time we will have a look at gear, and specifically the armory.

Do you know what makes gear good? Are you unsure about what’s best between quality or gear level?

Remember that you might not have steel or materials to craft equipment for everything, so focus on what benefits you the most.


Utility gear is something that will save you a lot of resources.
Healing gear will reduce the amount of resources you need to heal your wounded troops, and it can also speed up the healing time. It’s something everyone needs considering this is a war game and your troops will get wounded at times.
We also have gear that reduces the amount of steel you need to craft new gear. It saves you a ton of steel in the long run.
The best gear overall is the Whent gear that was released not too long ago. Some of the Whent pieces give you both healing cost efficiency, steel crafting efficiency, and training speed. There is no chest piece that gives healing cost efficiency, but many gives you healing speed. Look into crafting these items as they will save you a lot of rss and steel.
I would also strongly advise you to craft training gear, in specific gear that gives you training speed. It will reduce the time it takes to train, so you can make more troops faster and also save you speed ups and gold when speed training.

This is a picture of all Whent gear. They are all level 40, and have some additional stats/boosts that lower levels might not have.
Have a look at the gear you can craft and see if it has what you need. If it doesn’t you can always use the filter in your smithy to see what gear you need to craft.


First of all, gear is what makes your troops strong. Good gear for T8 troops will make them kill T9 troops with poor gear. But what is good gear?
Good gear benefits the troop type you’re using at a given time. I often see players with house level 35 wearing high quality level 25 gear… But it doesn’t always mean the gear is better because of the quality.

Let’s have a look at gear quality versus high level gear.
*This is an example and does not mean it’s the same for every type of gear. Always check quality vs. level before crafting.

As you can see from these screenshots you would need a legendary quality level 25 Hat to have better stats than the level 35.
Also the level 35 Hat has an additional stat versus the level 25.
You will get an additional stat on level 20, 30, and 40 gear.


Let’s have a look at the armory now.
The armory is a second set of gear that give you additional boosts. This means you will have to craft duplicates of the gear you want to have in there. Maybe you also have some leftover gear that you can either put in the armory, or use as templates to craft new higher level gear?

Some people think that having their best gear in the armory is best, and they are not wrong. However, they are not correct either. It all depends on what you are going to attack, defend, or hunt.
Remember, the armory only gives you 3 boosts, while the gear you’re wearing might give you more (depending on what level gear you have. Sometimes having your best gear in the armory will improve some stats, but not all of them. Have a look for yourself and see if it will benefit you or not.

Remember, when it comes to the Armory it’s all about the collection bonus. Quality of the gear will improve the collection bonus, but the gear level improves it more.
A poor quality level 40 will have a better collection bonus than a purple (Exquisite) level 35. This will save you some material when crafting (IF you have enough steel)

Let’s have a look at troop specific armory boosts and compare them.

It’s not fair to compare the stats on these screenshots as the Nights Watch armory has way better gear in it, but we can look at the boosts they give. In this instance the Kingswood Armory is way better from an offensive perspective. It gives you attack boosts vs player (which means all troop types, and an additional boost versus infantry (yes, this stacks on top of the vs player boost), while the Nights Watch armory only gives you an attack boost versus Ranged troops. This means if you attack a SoP reinforced with infantry and cavalry, the stat wont give you any benefits. From a defensive perspective the Nights Watch Armory will be the best as it gives you defense versus player, and the Kingswood armory only gives you a defense boost versus infantry.

So what’s most important to you? Is it offense or defense? Every troop specific Armory is different and will benefit you in different ways.

You might also wonder what Armory you should focus on – what would be the best for you? Well, we all probably have a favorite troop type. Mine is Cavalry, and Cav is my strongest troop aswell both from gear and research. I have focused on the Dornish and Dothraki Armory as it gives my strongest troop type an extra boost.
After I put some leftover gear and crafted some low level gear to fill all stats in the other troop specific Armorys I focused on the Blackfyre Armory.
If you look at the screenshot below you can see that it boost both Attack, Defense, and Health for ALL troop types. this is an amazing boost to have.

Beautiful bonus boosts for all troop types.

Last but not least, Dragon gear. If you have a level 31 dragon or higher you might want to look into crafting some Dragon gear for the armory. I would not advise wearing dragon gear on your profile as you only have one march that benefits from the boosts, but adding some dragon gear in the armory will boost your dragons stats when attacking or joining rallys.

This Armory will boost your dragons health and attack, and also boosts your troop attack stat.

Remember to use your equipment loadouts to save different presets of gear so you can quickly jump between attack gear, training gear, healing gear and so on.

You may have a few of these equipment loadouts. Remember to save your different sets of gear so you can quickly change outfit.

Thanks for reading, I hope you learned something new.
Knowledge makes you stronger

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